Timing: 10 AM to 8 PM
The Central Computer Center is the crown of MITS Gwalior. It has very high-end facilities. It is admired by the IT people not only from India but from the abroad also. The IIT experts organized a multimedia conference in the Center, and admired the its functioning. The Institute has a high speed LAN with backbone of optical fiber and manageable switches. The center is equipped with 100 MBPS leased line, which is providing high speed 24x7 internet facility in each nook and corner of the Institute including academic area, hostels and residential blocks. There are UPS, which are supplying uninterrupted power supply to the servers, computers, and switches. The LCD projector enhances the presentation and explanation capability.
Server :Xeon/ Dual / Pentium Processor 512 MB, 2x36 GB, 10000RPM SCSI HDD/ Internal Storage cage/ on board dual 10-100 base T Ethernet/17” color monitor Keyboard, mouse, UNIX unlimited user 1K Pnxi Server 20/40 GB 4mm Tape Drive(05 Nos)
ERP Server Intel Xeon 6core processor 10/100/100 network interface card 2 GB RAM, Keyboard mouse(01 nos)
Core i3 and i5 HP desktop computer 3GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, 17” Monitor, DVD drive, optical mouse & keyboard(25 nos)
HP desktop 2000 & 2480 series Intel Pentium Dual Core, HP TFT 15”, 1 GB RAM ,DVD Drive, Keyboard, mouse(16 nos)
Core 2 Duo HP-DX-7380 desktop computer Intel Core 2 Duo 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 17” Monitor ,DVD drive, optical mouse & keyboard(02 nos)
Core 2 Duo HP-DX-7380 desktop computer Intel Core 2 Duo 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 17” Monitor ,DVD drive, optical mouse & keyboard(57 nos)
PIV: 1.7 GHz/512 MB+1 GB memory/L2 cache 256 KB /20 GB/ 10/100 E-net/ window/ 15” color monitor/keyboard/mouse(10 nos)
HP desktop (mini) ci5 with preloaded OS win7 TFT 18.5” HP LCD(10 nos)
Internet Accessibility: 100MBPS (24x7 hours), labEquipped with multimedia projector and audio system.
License of Microsoft Products:
DreamSpark EN 1 yr AE Online Membership India only. It includes license for:
Windows Client
Windows Server
Visual Studio Professional
Visual Studio Premium
Visual Studio Ultimate
Windows Embedded
MS Visio
MS Project
SQL Server
BizTalk Server
SharePoint Server
ELMS (Electronic License Management System)
All machines being procured are with Window License + Warranty (3 yr) (Whichever Window is the latest at the time of procurement). All network management activities are being done using Linux. C/C++/Java/SQL are also being taught on Linux.
Internet and video conferencing facilities
Internet facility
1. 100 mbps lease line having OFC Backbone from National Knowledge Network (Availability 24x7)
2. Internet connections under NMIE project having 512 MB speed (Used as backup)
Resource center AVIEW Project (IIT-Mumbai) -Video conferencing
1. View station -Video camera make -Polycom sp 128(quantity: 01)
2. By video make –Polycom(qualtity:01)
3. Sound system – Ahuja amplifier having cordless and collar mike i.e. VHF Micro phone(quantity:02)
The internet facility is available in the Institute campus (including academic area as well as hostels) on 24x7 basis.

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