1  Summer Internship-2021(Soft Skills)

2  Notice regarding Academic Fee submission

3  Finishing School Program, 2021(Online Internship)

4  Online workshop on Virtual Labs in Association with IIT-Delhi will be held on on 15.05.2021

5  AICTE Training and Learning(ATAL) Faculty Development Program on "Modern Techniques for Wireless Communication" will be held on 17th-21st May 2021

6  MITS Initiatives Towards Social Responsibilities During Pandemic

7  Staff Performance Appraisal Form (Technical & Non-Technical)

8  Internship Policy for B.Tech (VIII) Semester Under the Flexible Scheme[For batch admitted in Academic Session 2017-18]

9  API based on 360 degree feedback mechanism as proposed in AICTE Gazette Notification dated 1st March 2019

10  ISTE MITS Students Chapter organizes two day workshops on 17-18 April 2021