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Course objective: The goal of this course is to enhance the understanding of how a bearing works in various machines. It can be done along with your regular curriculum. Understand the prevalent maintenance practices and learn from the industry experts - do's and don'ts of industrial maintenance and operational tips.

The course is envisaged to increase practical understanding of one of the most important components of Industrial plants and assets, thereby giving an edge to participants at the start of their careers

Course Methodology

1. Online pre-classroom knowledge session (week-1)
2. Classroom sessions with SKF trainer (week-2)
3. Post classroom online access
4. Classroom sessions with SKF trainer (week-8)

Week: 1 Mode: Online
Topic: Basics of bearing

Details: • Bearing terminology • Bearing general data • Bearing types and selection • Application of bearings • Lubrication

Week 2 Mode: Classroom
Topic: Bearing maintenance technology

Details: • Basics of bearings • Bearing selection criteria • Bearing life calculation and design usage • Selection of fits and tolerance • Bearing lubrication • Principles of mounting and dismounting • Introduction to bearing failures and their causes • Bearing materials • Rotating equipment (pump. gearbox, fan and motors) arrangements • Maintenance tips

Week: 3 Mode: II
Topic: Mounting of rolling element bearings

Details: • Preparation for mounting • Cold mounting • Hot mounting • SKF drive-up method • Mounting tools

Week: 4 Mode: Online
Topic: Dismounting of rolling element bearings

Details: • Cold dismounting • Hot dismounting • Dismounting tools • Bearing damage and failures

Week: 5 Mode: Online
Topic: Vibration analysis of rolling element bearings

Details: • Basics of vibration (see also SLT1) • Bearing vibration, variable compliance vibration • Geometrical perfection and SEE (Spectral Emitted Energy) • Spike energy measurements, rotational defects frequencies
Course methodology: • Online pre-classroom knowledge session (week 1) • Classroom sessions with SKF trainer (week 2) • Post classroom online access • Classroom sessions with SKF trainer (week 8)

Week: 6 Mode: Online
Topic: Operation of pumps

Details: • Operation of various pump types • Operating characteristics of pumps • Efficient operation and maintenance procedures • Problem diagnosis

Week: 7 Mode: Classroom
Topic: Basic condition monitoring

Details: • Different maintenance strategic • Basics of condition based maintenance • Fundamentals and applications of vibration. temperature. ultrasound, oil checking, current. LLF • Hands on practice • Maintenance tips/do's and don'ts



Standard SKF
Charges for this course*

For MITS Student

For Non MITS Student

SKF Contribution per student
Finishing course for Mechanical and production Engineering Student
Rs 25,000/-
Rs 2,000/-
Rs 2,500/-
Rs 23,000/-


NOTE * : SKF charges for courses on 'Bearing maintenance and Condition monitoring' are Rs 25000. Which involve 5 days of classroom training along with on-line learning module as peroposed in the curricula.