Course Conducted Info

Phase- I
(19th – 21st Jan, 2016)
Basic understanding of bearings and its types terminologies, exploded view of bearing and explanation. Conditional requirement and selection of bearings and its applications. Criteria of selecting and predicting the life cycle of bearings. Bearing mounting and dismounting methods and practical approaches of mountings. Performance and modes of failure of bearing. Revision slot, Introduction of lubrication and its role in performance of a bearing.


(9th – 10th Feb, 2016)

Introduction of maintenance, and concept of preventive and predictive maintenance. Types of maintenance approaches. Introduction of Basic Conditional Monitoring. Concept, application, importance and measurement of mechanical fundamentals regarding maintenance like vibrations, current leakages, temperature, lubricating oil check. End up test

Mr. Amit Pakhwade
SKF India Ltd.