Director's Message

Dr. Rajindra Kumar Pandit, Director of MITS

Dr. Rajindra Kumar Pandit

From the Director’s Desk………

It has been said over centuries that “Change is the only thing that is constant”. But never before, in the history of mankind, has the rate of change been as phenomenal as it has been during the last couple of years, particularly in the technological arena. Today, the major challenge before all technical institutions is to produce engineers who can adapt themselves to the dynamic societal changes and keep pace with the constantly evolving technological set-up.

The engineers which are graduating today will have to handle technologies and provide solutions to problems which probably do not even exist at present. The Institute was quick to wake up to this scenario and realize the need for inculcating self learning skills in MITIANS; the NPTEL local chapter was started and a new era of learning was introduced which facilitated the students to “learn in their own time, at their own pace”. The students responded quite enthusiastically. In this new paradigm, the stress is on nurturing the self-learning skills of the students which would prepare them to learn new technology quickly and with ease and to face all future challenges as and when they come.

As the Institute has adopted a flexible and dynamic curriculum, the students now can pick subjects of their choice. Practical flavour is being added by involving experts from industry in curriculum design, in imparting training, teaching and in project guidance. The lab infrastructure is being modified to make learning effective, interactive and enjoyable. In this age of change, it is expected that students take ownership of their careers and take full advantage of the teaching-learning facilities and infrastructure available at MITS.   

Looking at the emerging global needs, the Institute stresses on “outcome based education” the idea is to focus on ‘what is being learnt’ by the student rather than on ‘what is being taught’. In short, the objective is to train students to develop skills and capabilities to apply their knowledge to real life problems and fulfil their duties towards the society.

Internship is the new buzz word in the growing world of the young aspiring technocrats. The Institute conducts in-house summer internships for the first year and second year students and expects students to go to a relevant Industry for internship, after their third year. This is the time when students get a firsthand experience of the world which is waiting for them outside the campus.

The Institute has many clubs and professional society chapters which help in personality building and improving team spirit, organizational skills, leadership qualities and soft skills in general. 

Last but not the least, all the students are sensitized to appreciate and practice ethical conduct and respect the history and traditions of our great nation.

My dear students, never forget, no matter what you do, where you go from here, you will always represent this great old Institution and you must do all in your power to earn goodwill and good name for your alma mater and must always try to live up to its 62 year old grand legacy.

On behalf of the management, faculty, alumni and staff, I wish all my students all the best for all their present and future endeavours.


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